Your Trucks – White 7400 COE

I was just starting to wonder how the restoration of Scott’s White 7400 was going when an email rolled into my inbox from him with an update. Timing is everything.

Cab tilted 8-19-13

As you can see “Big Brutus” is now wearing a fresh coat of black paint to match its red frame. You may have noticed a few Texaco items in the background of the 7400 photos so you can be assured that this paint scheme is not just a happy coincidence. Scott tells us.

I have decided to have “duel purpose” graphics on it as I built my garage to look like an old Texaco station several years back. So….It will be Black, white, & Red, which was the older LTL scheme. I can cover the door lettering for my “Davis & Sons Texaco” when I show the truck and use magnetic vinyl signs for the “LTL” logo. LTL painted these metallic green & red but I like the black scheme better so it still gives respect to its “Roots” I think.

Red and black are natural color partners if you ask me so how can you can go wrong? Rhetorical question by the way.

brutus almost done 8-17-13

I really like the looks of the White 7400 with its short wheelbase. You certainty don’t see many of these old trucks around anymore and even fewer that look like this one.

brutus almost done 8-17-13c

I’m starting to think Scott might need a larger garage in the near future. Click here to see that truck as it appeared a few months back.

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