1972 White 7400 Cabover

A few days ago I received some great photos from Scott who is the process of restoring a 1972 White 7400 cabover. The truck once belonged to Lyons Transporation Lines of Erie, PA. When restoration is complete the truck will sport former Lyons colors of red, light metallic green, black and white. To help with the visualization check out this link containing some photos of LTL trucks back in the day. The 7400 is powered by a Cummins VT903 and according to Scott is in perfect running condition.

Truck show no go 7-6-13

As time rolls by most old trucks earn a nickname. Some for the looks. Others for their performance. When it comes to Scott’s truck he affectionally refers to the White as “Brutus”, mostly for the beating in put on his knees during the journey home.

Dash clock speedo installed 5-28-13

The ultimate goal is to have Brutus ready for the 2014 truck show season. So far I would say things look to be well on target. Great work by Scott in returning this old rig back to its former glory.

Brutus more frame paint 5-27-13

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8 Responses to 1972 White 7400 Cabover

  1. Paul says:

    How do those old time clocks workin those?

  2. paul tegel says:

    its a tach o gragh there was a card that would read engine rpm’s driver shift points and what all drivers hated (city drivers) how long the truck set at idle

  3. paul tegel says:

    i worked the cleveland termial as a mechanic i have 1 LTL cab decal a peel and stick

  4. Jimo says:

    Hey my old Red and White 7400 White made me a lot of money´╗┐!

  5. Pierre says:

    Hi ! How many number you have in your serial number ?

  6. Nelson Wheeler II says:

    Paul, My dad worked for LTL. His name was Nelson Wheeler out of Indianapolis terminal. He drove a 1978 Ford #208. If anyone else has any other memorabilia, I’d luv to have some… especially a model tractor. Thanks, Nelson Wheeler II.

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