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Check out this old Ford that was keeping the Brockways from yesterday company. It has stripes that only the late 70’s or early 80’s could produce. I hope it is never repainted.

And like the Brockways, Suit Kote still runs more than a few of these old Fords. They even have a few LTL 9000s on the road. This one appears to be playing the spare parts donor roll at the moment. Look at the perfect grill.

I’ve always been partial to the Fords with the round headlights. Even better when the are in the setback axle configuration.

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  1. Jeremy Reeder says:

    There is currently what I am certain is a former Suit-Kote Brock 761, a 1976 model that’s currently just a cab and chassis listed for sale at Adelman’s truck parts Canton, OH yard for a shade over $8k…..besides the colors I’m certain it’s one of their old trucks for several reasons, it’s a 290 Cummins, 8LL, 44k Rockwell rears with a long but not too long wheelbase and a good bit of overhand behind the rears, and it’s got the weird driver’s side only horn setup and single stack with partial length guard that Suit-Kote runs on basically everything they have. That place is a scrap yard and they WILL cut that truck up if it doesn’t sell soon. Hopefully somebody with deeper pockets than me can save it….to me it’s a $4,000 truck….maybe 5 if the cab is more solid than the single picture makes it look, but I have to buy at bottom dollar and I could see it being worth more to someone who would want to fix it up cosmetically and show it. I’d have to put it to work.

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