Autocar Mondays – Autocar in Disguise

When Autocar develops a truck cab they stick with it for decades. Remember the Driver’s Cab? It debut in the mid 1950’s and was with us in some form or another for the next thirty years. Much like the DC, the Xpeditor cab seen below has been around long enough to recoup any investment on tooling. While most commonly found on garbage trucks this particular model is attached to a Grove Crane for J&J Structures Inc.


*Update* Make sure you check out the comments below regarding the history of the ACX cab and its predecessors. While they appear similar on the outside they are worlds apart in construction and functionality.

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  1. Adam Burck says:

    Eric, great post! Grove was one of the debut customers for the Autocar ACX cab, in 2008. You can easily tell the ACX (still labeled “Xpeditor” near the door on some trucks) from the older WX model as the ACX cab is much deeper and pioneered the rear-quarter window for excellent driver 360 visibility. While the ACX is superficially similar to the WX there are many important improvements that Autocar invested in. I wish the tooling costs were recouped already! Check out and follow us on for more great Autocar truck photos, including other vocationals.

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