Volvo ECR305CL Excavator

This past summer I was awash in heavy construction footage. With the sheer amount of heavy equipment infesting the downtown area I had my pick of machines and trucks to video and photograph. This Volvo ECR305CL became so common place to me that I eventually stopped posting and sharing my footage of it on this website. Every week I would watch as this machine would dismantle entire streets and sidewalks down the very utilities that course beneath our feet. Browsing through the DDD archives yesterday I was amazed that the photos and videos seen below never had their own moment in the sun. It’s hard to believe the Volvo was on the job nearly every day of every week for the entire summer and I only have four minutes of footage to show for it. Better the nothing I suppose! The diesel tank is always half full around here.

The video begins with the ECR305CL picking through rubble with railroad tracks and ties strewn about. In case you were wondering the tracks and ties were just below the pavement. Maybe 6 to 8 inches at the very most. Syracuse is a progressive city. 😉

I’ve found a few other overlooked gems from this past summer that I plan on sharing in the coming days so stay tuned!

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