Big Red Towing – Western Star 4900

I’ve heard a lot about the Western Star 4900 you see below but I have never seen it in person. It’s pretty famous around these here parts with a press release on the Western Star Trucks website and the official fan community of Star Nation. Outside of the digital world chances are high you will see this truck involved in the recovery of the worst wrecks and accidents. If you follow the Big Red Towing facebook page you’ll see how easy the experienced operators along with this truck make it look to pull loaded semis out of snow covered ditches or dismantle strange looking industrial machines.

The Facts:

  • 2014 Western Star 4900SB
  • DD15 @ 560 H.P.
  • 18 Speed Transmission
  • 18K Front Axles, 46K Rear axles
  • 40″ Sleeper
  • Century 1130 Rotator

Western Star 4900SB Tow Truck

I spied this truck heading away from the local Frieghtliner/Western Star dealer so most likely it had just dropped off the latest job. Just another day at the office.

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