Industry News – International and Oshkosh

Here are some interesting links for you Monday morning read.  You may recall that two months ago billionaire investor Carl Icahn purchased a very large stake in Navistar.  At the time Mr. Icahn was already held significant shares in Oshkosh, a direct competitor of Navistar.  The rumors immediately began to swirl about possible merger between the two companies.  The Chicago Tribune now reports that Navistar CEO Dan Ustian agrees that a corporate marriage could have its benefits.

Navistar CEO sees ‘obvious’ synergies with Oshkosh

On the new product front the partnership between Indian truck building Mahindra and International maybe close to bearing fruit…brace yourself…in the form of small pickup for North America.  Navistar recently purchased a large manufacturing facility in Alabama with no obvious product line ready for it.  Now Mahindra fan sources claim the companies small diesel pickup could very well be that mystery vehicle.

Navistar official mum on Indian truck report

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