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The Navistar News Roundup

Recently there has been one truck manufacturer that has dominated the business world headlines, Navistar. Unfortunately for the employees and stockholders of the company the news has been rather sour. Too keep thing simple here is a bullet list of … Continue reading

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Industry Heavy Weights Challenge EPA

More than a few lines of code on Daily Diesel Dose have been spent discussing the emerging saga of Navistar and their non EPA 2010 compliant diesel engines. As a quick recap, Navistar was using EPA credits to continue the … Continue reading

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EGR or SCR? The Choice is Yours!

Just the other day we learned that International was running out of EPA credits for its heavy duty motors which could potentially lead to a ban of their sales in certain states.  That news followed on the heals of a U.S. District … Continue reading

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Australian Road Trains…seriously, it’s a train.

We’ve talked about Australian trucking before on the Daily D but this takes it to a whole new level. According to the poster… On February 18, 2006, an Australian built Mack truck with 113 semi-trailers, 2,865,980 pounds (1,299,987 kg) and … Continue reading

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Industry News – International and Oshkosh

Here are some interesting links for you Monday morning read.  You may recall that two months ago billionaire investor Carl Icahn purchased a very large stake in Navistar.  At the time Mr. Icahn was already held significant shares in Oshkosh, a direct … Continue reading

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Death Trucks

Trucks That Rain Death Upwards.  What a great tag line.   This vintage ad was found in a Time magazine from June of 1943.  Aside from the great illustration of the Half-Track flying off a mountain with guns blazing this … Continue reading

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