Big Rig Bounty Hunters – My Thoughts

By now you should be familiar with my thoughts on reality TV programming that in some form involve trucks and or heavy equipment. I will give any show, regardless of quality, a passing grade if it contains any of the before mentioned activities. The one exception being Container Wars. That show is a hot mess that should be avoided at all costs. All things considered History does a good job walking the fine line between factual and entertainment based programming. Attempts are least made to connect their shows to historical facts, places or events. Over the top characters and unbelievable recreations are kept to a minimum.

I enjoyed the season premiere of BRBH and for the most part found the show and its events to be plausible if not believable. However I did think the cattle truck that was stuck on the railroad tracks was just plain silly. It took waaaaay to long to resolve that simple issue. So far I don’t find any of the main characters to be annoying or dislikable. At first I thought “the veterans” would fit that bill with their goofy antics but they are clearly old school truckers who take pride in their work and their careers. This show is great for truck spotters and anyone else who enjoys seeing the gritty industrial underbelly of this country. I didn’t notice any painful edits involving stock truck footage or doctored sounds. In other words the IRT playbook has been left behind. Segments breaks and entire episodes do not end with promises of something dangerous or deadly to come. I give this show a thumbs up and will watch again.

New episodes of Big Rig Bounty Hunters air Thursdays nights at 10/9c  on History.

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6 Responses to Big Rig Bounty Hunters – My Thoughts

  1. John says:

    I love how the one fella says he cant push the ford truck out of the way because he will cave in the radiator. The “ford truck” has a huge brush guard on it!

  2. jimy bob says:

    I just watched the show for the first time and it’s complete b.s. every crew they followed obviously was a set up story, especially the cattle on the tracks.. I think history channel has lowered itself down to the level of TRUTV with this show….

    • cmf says:

      I am a 32 year vet driving the highways of this beautiful country in a 18 wheel big truck. I have seen and heard everything from the deepest “bs” to doctors, lawyers and politicians who for some reason or another become steering wheel holders.driving big trucks. This tv show is the biggest pile of “bs” that I have ever seen. The trucking industry has a hard enough time with respect and reputation to have some group of jack-legged piss-ants trying to act like bounty hunters looling for stolen or abandoned big rigs. It doesn’t work like that and never has. To see some que ball so called retired pro wrestler as a big rig bounty hunter says alot about the validity of this show. Pretty sad that some people can’t find anything better to do than disrepect the very heartbeat of this country’s economy.

  3. Want to hire Big Rig Bounty Hunter to look for some stolen tractor-trailers and

  4. Les Nelson says:

    Would like to be a big rig bounty hunter if there is such a thing. I am an over the road driver and would like to find out how a person can get into this profession. How do I go about checking into this?

    • Eric says:

      I’m not that sure but I would guess making contact with local trucking companies could help. As you can see from the show much of the time just having a dependable driver on call for those “oh crap” moments is worth its weight in gold.

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