A New Face

The bright red trucks of Gypsum Express are a familiar sights on the highways of the Northeast. Today they are commonly Freightliners hauling either flatbeds or dry vans. Some of you might interested in knowing that back in their home town the Gypsum Express fleet actually hauls gypsum or that is to say, drywall. Now it appears they have ventured into a new territory of dump trucking.

I had to do a double take this morning when I passed through a construction zone right down the street from my house and saw these trucks. I’m pretty sure I clipped two traffic cones gawking at the fleet of shiny new Western Star 4700’s. Brand new in every way it wouldn’t surprise me to find if this milling job was the very first large haul for these rigs. I’ve been told by other sources that they also have a fleet of Trout River dump trailers hauling out of local quarries in the area. I’m not sure of the total fleet size but considering that I happened to see another 4700 over an hour away that very same day as these shots I assume it’s a decent size. I’m sure the other trucking firms in the CNY area are thrilled at the new competition.

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