Common Occurance

It’s time to spend a few moments talking about new Western Stars. Nothing new around these parts! It seems like every time I turn around¬†another new Star car is hitting the streets. Here we have gypsum Express working their new 4900 for drywall and other building material delivery.

Western Star Boom Truck

And here is the Village of Minoa, NY rocking their new 4700.


Local fuel hauler Terpening is getting into the Western Star club with a new 4900 daycab tractor. Usually a Petey/Kenny kind of fleet it’s nice to see them stretch their buying legs to another builder. John spied one on the thruway a few months back while I saw it at the dealer yesterday.


In the gallery below we have some other shots including a truck from Saratoga County, Town of Manlius, Gutchess Lumber, another shot of the Minoa rig, a 4700 dump for  (name coming soon), another shot of the Terpening rig, and a 4700 for the Town of Lysander.

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