At the Dealer – International and Isuzu

Well here it is folks, the new International MV. It’s a nice looking truck even in boring white. I’m not a fan of the bug antenna mirrors but this is the year 2022 where nothing can be cool.

Could Isuzu ever produced a conventional style truck? The Isuzu N Series seems to have the stance and size. It’s sad that truck is the closet we have to a class 8 cabover in the U.S.

What do you think this message could mean? It looks like a restyled hood for the LT range of trucks? Possible electric drive train for that model line? Only time will tell. Visit for more.

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  1. Mark Bickelhaupt says:

    Eric, The hood mirrors that you don’t like I have been seeing on automated trucks. Also regular equipment on Japanese Home trucks. It’s the place to put cameras or sensors out on the front of a truck. Electric is only part of the story! Small steps! Diesel is not dead yet!!!

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