At the Dealer – Garbage and Plow Trucks

I was digging through my photos the other day to see if there were any worthy trucks I had passed over during the flurry of activity from the past few months. Turns out there were more than a few.

The two International WorkStars seen below were waiting on the dealer lot back in April for a chance to hit the city streets of Auburn, NY.


City of Auburn International WorkStars – Click to Enlarge

Fast forward a few weeks to arrive at a different dealer across town to find this nicely appointed Western Star for the Town Of Manlius. The T of M has a substantial plow fleet consisting mostly of International Trucks. Could this Western Star be a sign of things to come? I would hate to see the PayStars become a thing of the past! Three years ago (or more) the town had an open house and I was able to grab shots of nearly everything they had. You can view them by clicking here. I have never seen a Manlius truck that was not in perfect condition from top to bottom. They do a nice job with chrome accents too.


Town of Manlius Western Star – Click To Enlarge

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  1. Andy says:

    Give 5 or 6 years and go take a shot of that Western, it will look pretty much the same. I don’t think there is a better looking and well maintained fleet of trucks in the area.

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