ATCA Harford – The Videos

I’ve had the super computers of Youtube crunching the numbers all night to bring you the videos below of the 2013 ATCA Northeastern Penn Endless Mountain truck show.

Video 1 starts off with more trucks climbing the hill to the event. Mack Superliners, B-Models, R-Models, Peterbilts, and Diamond Reo’s all make an appearance.

Video 2 takes a two the base of the hill and then back the show grounds. We start of with two of the Saxby International Cabovers pouring on the power to make the climb. Once back on the fair grounds we have a nice shot of an DC Autocar rolling trough registration. Next an really impressive Diamond Reo (Detroit Power) rolls in. For some reason I never grabbed a shot of this rig. Keep an eye for another Superliner, an extended cab B-Model and crew cab International that I think would look great in Bruce Wayne’s driveway.

Video 3 gathers up the action toward the end of the day as folks begin to roll out. Out of all the trucks in this video the battered and bruised Fleetstar is my favorite. I just love that original look. Some may call it patina I just call it cool.

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