ATHS Hudson Mohawk – Part IV

At one point during the show I was asked if I was going to have enough footage to fill at least four days on my site. The answer is yes. Hopefully it doesn’t feel like I am dragging this out.

Brockway Tow Truck

I wandered by this old International R-Series a handful of times before I finally took notice of the faded lettering on the door. I was shocked to see that it read Minoa Fire Department. My mind raced. Could this be from Minoa, NY? The very same Minoa that is only five minutes outside of my current home in East Syracuse? Surely there must be another Minoa the logical part of my brain cried in vain. In reality this world is only big enough for one Minoa and that’s where this truck came from all those years ago. Looking inside revealed stickers on the dash from the Mattydale Fire Department and the office of Onondaga Emergency Management. I never had a chance to cross paths with the owner. Too bad, it would have been nice to hear the back story on this truck. Startup video can be found here.

Minoa Fire Department

At this point in the coverage you might notice the photos quality changes a bit. I finally bought a new phone a few weeks ago (Galaxy S7) and gave it a work out taking show photos. On the phone screen the pictures seemed brilliant. On larger displays the luster fads very quickly. My old Sony DSC-HX9V lives to fight another day.

However, the S7 did take some decent video. The Brockway U360 and IHC Classic trucks videos from the past days were a mix of both devices. This video below however is all from the old workhorse.


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2 Responses to ATHS Hudson Mohawk – Part IV

  1. Ed Vanderwall says:

    Glad you got to the show. Appreciate the great coverage on your blog. May I use a few of the photos for my newsletter? Many of our older members don’t have computers and can’t enjoy your blog.

    Thanks, Ed V.

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