Brother from a different mother

Daimler Trucks North America, the parent company to both Freightliner and Western Star trucks. Below is an interpretation from each sibling company on what a plow truck should be. Which one would you choose?

Freightliner 114SD – Click to Enlarge

Western Star 4900 – Click to Enlarge

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7 Responses to Brother from a different mother

  1. Plow Boss says:

    I’ll take the freightliner

    • Dave says:

      Yea, but the Western Star is the better truck. We have Freightliners, Internationals and Western Stars, and the Stars are a far more solid, well-built truck than the other two.

  2. Dave says:

    Nice machine! Love the Western Stars! But I think it’s a 4900SB, not a 4800.

  3. Joe Kelly says:

    I am really perplexed why Onondaga County would run that Freightliner in orange when all their trucks have been painted yellow for as long as I can remember. Could the Freightliner be some other municipalities cancellation? Factory demo? It has a twin, truck number 138.

    Interestingly, these are both 2012 models and they also have 2012 Internationals and a Kenworth! Must be trying them all out to see what to spec to use going forward.

    • Eric says:

      Right now Tracey Road Equipment has a near identical SD114 sitting on their lot. It has been there for almost a year so I am going to throw my money behind the factory demo guess. The Onondaga County fleet sure has diversified over the years. Plenty of Volvos and Sterlings running around. Mack seems to be the only nameplate they don’t use.

      • Joe Kelly says:

        They ran a few Mack’s of early 1980’s vintage, like 1982 I believe. I know they had three 1982 Mack RM 4×4’s and also a few Mack RD686S tandem dumps. Otherwise, you’re right. There are none now and very few in the past either.

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