Can You Guess The Price?

Whenever I had a day off from school I always made it a point to watch the Price Is Right. I always enjoyed the showcases that contained a car as a prize. When else will you see someone loose their mind at the prospect of winning a basic model Toyota Corolla or Nissan Sentra? During the 47 year run of the show a wide variety of vehicles have been offered to the lucky person who can name the price. I haven’t seen every episode but I bet they never had a prize like the Freightliner 114SD below. Can you guess the price? It may help if you read the specs below in your best Rod Roddy voice.

  • 350 HP DD13 (Detroit)
  • 8LL transmission
  • Springs all around with 18lbs up front, 26lbs in the rear
  • 183″ wheelbase
  • 16 miles on the odometer
  • Everest plow frame and dump body
  • Steel wheels.

This fabulous prize can be yours! But only if the price is right!*

* You will not win the actual truck but instead receive the admiration of your peers.

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