E.H. Perkins Fleet

Last year my wife proved the value of a spending money on expensive phones with high resolution cameras when she snagged this great photo an E.H. Perkins Peterbilt horse hauler at the NYS Fair. Today we catch another glimpse of this majestic fleet courtesy of Dave.

E.H. Perkins Mack Superliner

Dave tells us a little more about his history with E.H. Perkins.

My Dad worked for Ed Perkins and his various companies for 25 years. I grew up listening for the sounds of Ed’s trailer dumps heading back to the shop at the end of the day so I could run out to the side of the road pumping my arm for an air horn toots. On really special occasions I would get to ride along with one of the guys for a day.

Those are lifetime memories right there. Back in the day most of the trucks of the fleet were Mack unless otherwise acquired through the purchase of competing businesses. Dave recalls Autocars, Brockways, and even Crane Carriers wearing that very distinctive and eye catching color scheme of green, creme and red. Here is a nice perserved Mack R-Model that has been part of the company for at least 25 years.

Mack R-Model Dump Truck

Today you’ll still find plenty of newer Mack mixers working alongside front discharge Oshkosh units.

Mack RD Cement Truck

These are some really sharp looking trucks. Thanks for sharing these photos and memories Dave!

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