Fun in the Sun – Auction Time

Who doesn’t love a good auction?  The prospect of grabbing something for below cost is exciting and the bidding process can be near gambling level addictive.  There is a reason why eBay is still in business.  Yesterday I attended an Alex Lyon auction in Canastota, NY. This auction truly had something for everything.  Pickups, loaders, dozers, dump trucks, limos, tractors, support tools, the list goes on and on.  Some lots were brand new with less than 10 hours on the clock.  Others were decades old but still in decent shape.  The best part about an auction like this is they ability to try equipment out before bidding.  Nearly everything on the premise had keys, some equipment was even left running.  Now, most people who started a truck or tractor up simply wanted information to make an informed bid.  But others, me included, just wanted to have some fun.  It was great to start up a Ford LTL 9000 and attempt to build air pressure.  Moving the the AM General CCC (Crane Carrier) around was a blast.  Sitting in the cab of Freightliner Classic brought back found memories of trucking school.  Plus the the 515 HP Detroit under the hood sounded great.  It was like a giant sandbox for adults!

And here I am playing around with the 1988 Crane Carrier Corporation military semi.

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