Depending on how much TV you watch you may remember a show called Trucks!  I used to watch the show all the time with my dad.  It was a good show with a great host by the name of Stacey David.  Stacey really knows his stuff and it showed.  He wasn’t just another talking head repeating lines from a true mechanic stationed behind the camera.  Eventually he left to star his own show by the name of Gearz which currently airs on Speed.  Now, if you need any convincing that this is your type of television show just checks on the clips below.  Yes, he is working on International Loadstar CO.  WHAT?!

Want to see more? Hit the links below to watch as Stacey stuffs a souped (600HP) up Durmax and Allison automatic into this old truck!

International Loadstar Engine Swap Part 1

International Loadstar Engine Swap Part 2

International Loadstar Engine Swap Part 3

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