International and Cummins are friends again.

It was announced the other day that International would once again offer Cummins 15 liter engines in their trucks.  All across the country truckers could be heard rejoicing in the news.  At the same time industry analysts sat back in their chairs with smug looks of self satisfaction on their faces.  Finally they were able to bask in the glown of their predictions coming to life.

It’s not that Maxxforce line of engines are totally bombs, many reviews point to the abudnces of low end power and smooth, quite operation, they are just straddled with EPA pollution control technology that doesn’t work.  Now that International has decieded to drop EGR in favor of a SCR based solution the quality and relialibity of the Maxxforce line will most likely improve.  Make no mistake, International engines are here to stay, it’s a industry trend that will only continue as time passes.  The non binding agreement with Cummins will act as a band aid helping to sooth the wounds of long time buyers burned by poor performing Maxxforce engines while providing a bridge to more reliable future platforms.

Enough talk.  Here is a Paystar in the SBA (set back axle) configuration.  This rig has all manor of pumps, winches, and steel bumpers.  I see of a future of hyrdofracking support in this truck’s future.

International Paystar - Click to Enlarge

Source: Navistar to Source Engines From Cummins, Expects 3rd Quarter Loss

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4 Responses to International and Cummins are friends again.

  1. Kurt McLucas says:

    Looks like a J&J PVT (tanker) made right here in Somerset, PA
    Nice picture

  2. Kurt McLucas says:

    I know the engineer very well who is in the design of these…I’ll send you some cool pictures

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