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White Motor Company – Junk Yard Finds

Today we return to the junk yard to visit a trio of old White Trucks. All three were located at the now infamous Dobbins Auto Parts in Adams, NY. Like many of the other vehicles on this property they have … Continue reading

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Brockway 361 – Town of Ulysses

Another Saturday another auction! Yesterday I went to the yearly municipal vehicle auction at the Town of Palmyra highway department. Trucks and other equipment from all over the area sell at this event. Until yesterday afternoon I thought I was … Continue reading

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Ram Trucks and Cummins – BFF

Earlier this week mankind reached another milestone. No, it has nothing to do with 12/12/12. Following a quarter century partnership, Ram Trucks and Cummins saw the creation of their two millionth diesel engine. If you consider all the shakeups, pitfalls, … Continue reading

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Parks and Rec

After yesterdays post dealing with the destruction of woodland here are some trucks that work for agencies dedicated to preserving natural spaces. This Cummins powered International belongs to the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. The … Continue reading

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A Chinese International Durastar?

In recent years China has become the land of opportunity for nearly every major car and truck manufacturer on the face of the globe due to its surging automobile market and growing middle class. To gain access this lucrative market foreign manufacturers … Continue reading

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International and Cummins are friends again.

It was announced the other day that International would once again offer Cummins 15 liter engines in their trucks.  All across the country truckers could be heard rejoicing in the news.  At the same time industry analysts sat back in … Continue reading

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Navistar Joins the SCR Club

The writing has been on the wall for a few months now, EGR (exghaust gas recirculation) is dead.  As we know, only one truck builder, Navistar, chose to use EGR to meet EPA 2010 emission standards.  The plan was bold … Continue reading

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ATHS Springfield 2012 – Peterbilt & Kenworth

Today we have the last set of photos from the ATHS Springfield show, Peterbilts and Kenworths.  The star of this category is without a doubt the 884C, or the large the blue one.  I was told the power plant is a twin turbo Cummins … Continue reading

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The Age of Classics

You may not  know this but right now we are living in the age of classic trucks.  According to Business Week the U.S. truck fleet is the oldest it has ever been since they year of 1980. A majority of … Continue reading

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Industry Heavy Weights Challenge EPA

More than a few lines of code on Daily Diesel Dose have been spent discussing the emerging saga of Navistar and their non EPA 2010 compliant diesel engines. As a quick recap, Navistar was using EPA credits to continue the … Continue reading

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