IRT Season Five – Final Thoughts

The ice roads have melted and the final loads have been hauled, season five is in the books.  All in all it was a good season.  I think the producers have finally found the balance between the actual day to day events of the ice road and the made for T.V. drama.  It was fun to see Rick, Hugh and Alex running the same roads again.  They haven’t changed much since the first season.  Say what you will about Hugh but the man is a machine, his work ethic is unrivaled.  Also, Rick continues to move too quickly for his own good and Alex should run his own towing/rescue service based on the number of bad drivers he saved this year.

As in past seasons we were introduced to some new faces, namely Maya and Dave.  While Maya was new to the IRT franchise Dave cut his teeth on the insane mountain roads of India.  With 25 years of trucking experience he seemed like a logical fit for the demanding conditions of the Dalton Highway.  Unfortunately, his ego ran wild which lead to his termination from Carlile.  Dave bristled at any form of teaching or instructions on the way Carlile wanted things done.  He took the mentality of “me vs the world” and used it as a way to rationalize all of his self inflicted problems.  Maya had the opposite experience and I was actually surprised to see how well Maya took the roads.  At the start of the season I figured she was there as a producer contrived sub story about woman truckers.  Unlike fellow rookie Dave she took the time to listen and learn, ultimately succeeding in surviving the season.

So that’s it, season done.  But wait, no need for withdrawals, IRT: Most deadliest Road’s has already begun!  Some familiar faces return (Hugh, Lisa, Rick, Dave) to mix it up with new truckers on the mountain roads of the Andes.  Long live truck oriented programming!

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