Make Way for Monsters

The monsters are coming. Monster trucks that is. They yearly spectacle that is monster truck racing has once again returned to Syracuse. As you know, I have attended the past couple of years and found both the actual show and the post show clean up equally as entertaining. This year, fresh off a vacation, I’ll be watching from the cheap seats. The real cheap seats. So cheap that I sit outside of the building and don’t have an actual seat. In other words I’m not going. But just because I didn’t get gouged by Ticketmaster doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun. Yesterday I hoofed up to the Carrier Dome during my lunch break on the off chance I would catch a few dump trucks hauling dirt through the air lock doors. As it turns out that activity is still a day or two away as the heavy equipment was still arriving from Milton Cat on the back of Big Red Towing.

International 9900i

A line of material handlers, skid steers and one rather large 950K were already unloaded and gathering attention from curious SU students. You just can’t be a selfie in a bucket larger than the average dorm room.

Monster Jam Syracuse

Maybe tomorrow, weather permitting, I’ll head back up to the hill to catch more of the prep action. But if I don’t, please enjoy the photos below.

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