Make Way For St. Patrick’s Day

Two days ago we saw the City of Syracuse DPW crews patching the roadway for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day parade. Today we join them as they clear mountains of snow from the sidewalks along the parade route to make life a little more pleasant for spectators. One thing is for sure, Mother Nature is not interested in her doing her part with frigid winds and a predicted temperature of high 20’s. I applauded the efforts of the DPW workers considering there was little time in between this clean up and the work necessary to clear the streets of snow following the most recent winter storm. I was lucky enough to catch some good action during my lunch break yesterday as snow was aggregated into massive piles.

Men with shovels fed Bobcats who in turn fed loaders that kept a steady stream of dump trucks busy for the 15 minutes I spent on scene. All of these machines worked together dodging stubborn parked cars and a few motorists who squeezed by the barricades. All of this in a effort to help the 9th largest St. Patricks Day parade go off without a hitch. That is dedication. I could watch work like this all day but my coworker had already put up with my drooling and the cold weather so I eventually moved on. Thanks for being a good sport Eric! No, I’m talking to myself (this time) we share the same name.

I think I was able to put together a nice video summary of the action. The two loaders pushing down the street at the same time is the highlight.

If some of this equipment seems familiar that because it is, most of the trucks and loaders seen here were used during the clean of Columbus Circle last month. Click here for coverage.

Now if you think the snow is a mess wait to see what the streets look like after the drinking portion of the day is finished. Yikes, bring out the fire hose! I tip my green top hat to the fine men of women of the Syracuse DPW for the work they provide the community. Keep it up and ignore the haters!


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