McFadden Plow Day 2023

A few weekends back I made a trip east along the Cherry Valley Turnpike, AKA, NYS Route 20. I ended up in Sharon Springs, NY for the 2023 McFadden Plow day. There was a bunch of cool stuff there including a Big Bud NH360, a Unimog, a Detroit powered Oliver, and so on.

Hopefully you will enjoy this video along with some commentary from Preston. I’m happy without how it turned out considering I had a four year old perched on my shoulder. Apparently my Youtube audience has no interest in tractors as this video failed to break a 1,000 views.

Isn’t variety the spice of life?

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3 Responses to McFadden Plow Day 2023

  1. Dave says:

    I saw the video over at YouTube and hoped that you would post it over here too Eric. I enjoyed hearing Preston adding color commentary in the background

    Interesting to see a Big Bud in NYS. I was under the impression they were more of a Midwestern brand. Looked as if it was pulling well.

    First time I’ve seen a Unimog with a plow on the three point hitch. Definitely a neat piece to catch in action.

  2. Matthew says:

    Great video. I’ve spent lots of time in Schoharie/Cobleskill area so it’s really cool to see that there is stuff like this so close. Live on LI.

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