More Old Trucks

Some of you might be wondering how I could visit one of the premiere truck collections in the world and somehow manage to only come back with photos of the rusted hulks in the back forty. What can I say other than I like the story these trucks can tell just on sight alone through their dents and faded paint.

GMC General

Fairing a little better than its brothers seen above the Aero Astro is a rare unit if there ever was one. The production count numbers vary on how many of these trucks were produced in a span between 1983 and 1984 but a safe guess is no more than 500 rolled off the line. With fiberglass front panels, flush mounted headlights and an adjustable roof fairing the Aero Astro was designed as a fuel saving masterpiece.

Aero Astro

Check out the visor on this old International snow plow. It’s not only stylish but functional when dealing with glare from hard pack.

International Truck

And now for another walking tour.

More! More! More! Everything you wanted and more!

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