Rail Line Doings

I haven’t come across any interesting loads for Rail Car What Is It recently but I do have a few train related photos that I’m sure a few of you will enjoy. Below you see New Jersey Transit 4214 as it passes over the Schuylkill River.¬†Ol’ 4214 is EMD GP40 locomotive that once served under the Penn Central and Conrail flags while hauling general freight. This train and 19 others were modified in 1994 with the additional equipment necessary (electric, heat) to haul commuters throughout New Jersey. It was your typical hot and humid August east coast day when I took this photo. I hope they had the A/C cranking.

NJT 4214

Much closer to home I caught this CSX Western Star hauling rail cars up and down the main lines on a dreary Sunday morning. While often seeing this trucks I’ve never actually seen them in action on the rails. From a distance I saw this truck pulling the cars and thought I was finally going to be able to catch this setup on video. Alas it was not meant to be as the truck came to a stop and would not move again during my watch. Oh well. Something to look forward to I suppose.

Western Star Rail Truck

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