Mystery Trucks

Anyone know what this truck is used for? I seem to remember a time of year when they were used almost daily. I think they were used to push something? Maybe they were called push trucks? Oh well. Whatever they were for we don’t need them anymore but someone continues to order them from the dealer.

Mack Granite Snow Plow

The local Mack dealer, Beam Mack, has two of these identical beauties currently on the lot. I didn’t see any identifying paper so the soon to be owner is unknown at this time.

Smith Spreaders

The truck almost looks like it is waving.

Mack Granite

Across town these two Western Stars were awaiting service, a 4700 for the Town of Manlius and 6×6 for the Onondaga County DOT.

Western Star Plow

And thus concludes plow coverage for the month of December! Yikes.

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