The Back Roads

There is a stretch of US Route 11 that I have been eyeballing for a number of years now. Like many portions of RT 11 it runs parallel to Interstate 81. Over the years on the way to various truck shows and NYC trips I began to take notice of a certain segment between Kirkwood, NY and New Milford, PA. Through the trees I caught glimpses of a PennDOT yard, hdyrofracking operations, truck repairs shops and a few other interesting locations. I often made a mental note to return for a closer inspection. This year while heading back from the ATCA Northeastern Penn truck show I finally made the trip down this portion of 11 and found a few trucks worth sharing with you.

As I mentioned I heading north from Harford, PA. The first location I wanted to check was a PennDOT yard. This spot turned out to be a bust as all the trucks were parked nose in from the road behind an ominous chain link fence with numerous warning signs. Continuing north brought me to a pumping station for tankers running water to various drilling operations in the area. I was surprised by the amount of activity that was taking place on a Sunday evening the day before a national holiday. I guess drilling is a 24/7 business! Many of the trucks were Kenworths or Peterbilts that resembled this type of setup. Not far from the pumping station was a large lot containing all types of heavy equipment used to clear land when a drilling pad is constructed. Immediately adjacent was a Suit Kote yard full of tanker trucks. A Brockway 361 was to be found here.


Brockways are no strangers to the Suit Kote fleet. They still have many of them in the various locations across the state. In fact, they have two of them on display outside of their facility near Tully, NY. Many years ago I spied this 358 setup in a similar fashion to the 361. Don’t forgot about the many that hang out (at least two years ago) at the Homer, NY location.

Also in the yard was this White/GMC. Some quick searching of TruckPaper leads me to believe it is a WIA model but I could be wrong. I suppose there is nothing remarkable about this truck but I am a sucker for anything that has retro graphics and a non solid color paint job.


The last vehicle of note is this Terex rock truck. Nothing really needs to be said about it. It speaks for itself.


I traveled north on 11 as far as Kirkwood, NY. I passed by a John Deere heavy equipment dealer that didn’t have much going. The Tracey Road Equipment branch of the area had trucks on the lot that I recently seen at their Syracuse, NY location. There is still much more to see in this area as it plays home to a very large industrial park but those discoveries will have to wait until my return next year.

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  1. Joe says:

    Great to see Suit-Kote is still running the old Brockway’s. As a kid, when they were called Cortland Asphalt, I remember those 361 tractors pulling the Etnyre distributor tankers everywhere.

    Years later when I worked for Madison County, they would do our spreading for us during oil & stone operations. By then, the tractors were White Road Boss & Ford LT-9000’s, and sometimes these newer WIA White-GMC’s.

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