National Grid Truck Bingo – Chevy C7500

Who gets excited when they see a Chevy C7500? This guy.¬†When you’re playing National Grid Truck Bingo that is the sort of thing that happens. At one time the National Grid fleet in Upstate, NY (following their purchase of Niagara Mohawk) was comprised mostly of this model of truck. As the years rolled on the Chevys disappeared and the Freightliners moved in. Some things will never be the same. This particular truck seems to be involved with the natural gas side of the business. The back end was loaded with various types of heavy looking valves and pipes.


National Grid Chevy C7500 – Click to Enlarge

Speaking of Freightliners here is CNG powered M2 112 with a new style service body.


CNG Powered Freigthliner – Click to Enlarge

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2 Responses to National Grid Truck Bingo – Chevy C7500

  1. nick says:

    does anyone know who the manufacture of the truck body on the Freightliner is?

    • Eric says:

      Nick, I just saw one on the street this afternoon and looked it over from top to bottom. I wasn’t able to find any form of identification on it all.

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