No Patience

I’m breaking all the rules today and posting these photos before September. To hell with the rules! I actually saw this truck back in May and meant to include it in the early August plow update but forgot. It’s a 114SD with not particular customer in mind. Maybe it could be yours?

Freightliner 114SD

The Town of Minetto, NY had their truck at the local Oshkosh dealer this weekend…hopefully to have that decal removed from the door. 😉

Oshkosh Plow

We’re off to a good start with this truck. Destination unknown. If it returns I’ll try to catch it.


In the gallery below we have a repeat customer in the form of Western Star 4900 for the Town of Westmoreland, Town of Fairfiled also shows up with a 4900, old Volvo for the Town of New Haven, Town of Chenango has a new 4700 on the way, Town of Camillus has a 4×4 4800 possibly to replace their surplused Oshkosh, Town of Onondaga is also in the 4700 act. Both Chenango and Onondaga have spec’d their trucks with manual transmissions in a reversal of modern trends. Finally, one of the classics from on of the sharpest fleets around, an International Paystar5000 from the Town of Manlius. This truck has been at the local spring shop for at least three days. It’s in the pickup part of the lot so I figured it would be long gone by Saturday. The truck chasing gods smiled upon me and it was still there when I stopped by. Even the truck that was on the left was gone opening up a nice angle.

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