Riches to Rust

You probably saw these trucks lurking around in the Walter AWUS video from last week. I know some of you have been waiting to see more of the military wrecker and busted Oshkosk trucks so without further ado here they are. I’ll start by saying that I didn’t do my homework on these rigs like I did with the Walter so the walk around videos are less than educational but hopefully still entertaining. Information on the tow truck was sparse. For the year we were told it was a 1970’s with no make or manufacturer provided. I’m not sure if this is a typo or the result of broken gauges but mileage is listed as 81. Yes, 81 miles with a whopping 46 hours on the clock. Could this be correct?

Military Tow Truck

My knowledge of military trucks is very low but I assume that numbers painted on the bumper and other various parts can tell us something about where this truck served or where it came it from?


Despite the non starting, non running, and very rotted cab this truck sold for $3,625 dollars. All things considered I don’t think it was that far gone and there is a lot of steel here for that price. If you know more details about this machine please be kind and share.

Also available for sale were two Oshkosh plow rigs. A 1986 C Series and a 1989 P series. Both sold for over 5,000 grand and came with front blades and wing. Sanding bodies had already been removed.

Oshkosh Snow Plow

Overall condition of these trucks was meh to poor. Rust was starting to set in heavy on the frames and cabs. Auctions notes mention both were able to move under the own power.

Now somewhere in all this activity I missed the chance to check out a 1964 Austin Western grader. I never even saw it! I guess it was somewhere behind a compost pile or something. Oh well, I think we saw enough cool stuff from the Town of Camillus for awhile. 😉

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3 Responses to Riches to Rust

  1. joe says:

    The Army wrecker is a model M543A1 or A2 with the Austin-Western built crane (the hydraulic reservoir on the right side of the boom is a dead give-away). These were mounted on the 5-ton 6×6 chassis, built by International, Mack, AM General and a few others.

    The early M543’s (& M62) wreckers were Continental gas powered. The A1 models had the Mack ENDT-673 diesel and the A2’s the Continental LDS-465 multi-fuel diesels. I have seen some with Cummins NTC-250’s too which I believe were re-powered, earlier gas models.

    81 miles? Perhaps if it was a military refurb that was in cold storage until being sold.

  2. joe says:

    On second look, this may be an M816 now that I notice the air cleaner on the left side rather than the right. If it is an M816, then it was built by AM General and has a Cummins NHC-250 in it. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Jason says:


    Agree with your M816 assesment.


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