NYS Highway and Public Works Expo

Thanks to some gentle prodding (and free tickets) from Tom I finally checked out the New York State Highway and Public Works Expo at the NYS Fairgrounds. Rhetorical question. Why have I waited so long? Going to the show sure beats a day at the office. If someone makes a product that can be used to plow snow, lay asphalt, suck leaves or push dirt you will find it at the expo. As an added bonus there were plenty of swag and freebies. But I didn’t go for some free pens and coffee mugs. I went to see setups like this like insane Western Star 4700 with twin pusher axles.

Western Star 4700 Snow Plow

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a plow truck in NYS with a setup like this one. The blade of choice for this truck is a Henderson SnowFoe Expressway, designed for high speed highway operation. The word “Maryland” was scrawled on various parts of the truck. My friend Google tells me there is a Maryland, NY in Otsego County. I’m going to guess that is the future home of this truck instead of..you know…Maryland the state.

Cat CT681

Also at the show was a truck from my bucket list, the new Cat CT681. Did you ever stop and think about what the CT stands for? I have a suspicion that it stands for nothing more than Cat Truck. Someone prove me wrong!

Considering the monthly rationing of snow plow photos at an end. Between this show, your submissions and what has been showing up on the dealer lots there will be plenty more where these came from.


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