Pride and Polish Parade

I’m fairly certain the Pride and Polish Parade has been taking place during the Broome County Fair for at least a few years now. I remember seeing flyers around and thinking about checking it but for one stupid reason or another I never made the journey. WOW! What a mistake on my part. Saturday I finally stopped by and I can say without a doubt this is a great event. It’s only five bucks and that gets you admission to the fair. Free parking. Insane. I arrived a few minutes late and found the parade already underway. Trucks of all types line up in single file along the track that rings the fair grounds and then proceed to pass in front of the grandstand to blast air horns, makes some smoke, and generally put on a good show. It’s one thing to see these fine machines in a static form but quite another to see them come to life. That’s half the reason I usually arrive at truck shows hours before the gates open so I can watch the rigs arrive. As you can see from the gallery below the weather was ideal. The sun was in the perfect spot for photos and videos and I sure do have a lot of both.


Oh, did I mention your five bucks covered admission to a truck pull as well? Simply put if you don’t go to this show you are losing money.


From the people to the trucks everything came together to make a great afternoon. All the events started on time and ran with precision The track announcer had all the relevant information but knew when to let the trucks and drivers be the star of the show. 10 out of 10. Would attend again.

A huge thanks to the D.J. Smith Truckers Chrome Store for sponsoring this event. They put on a great event. Check back tomorrow for video!

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