Raise Your Dumpers

Old trucks never die. Wouldn’t that be a nice world? A crowded world but a nice world nonetheless. Two years ago I brought you a few shots of this Diamond Reo Giant residing at a local topsoil business. At the time it wasn’t for sale but it is now! The asking price is $9,500 which is a nice chunk of change for a grizzled veteran like this Giant. For that cool stack of cash you get a 20k front axle, 46k rears, a gold standard 8LL trans and a Big Cam Cummins 300. Despite the haggard appearance I’m feeling that this Reo has some life left in all the important places. Obviously the seller is touting the strength of the hydraulics but leaving the bed up. The biggest outward flaw that I notice is the bondo job done around the top of the windshield. Diamond Reo used the White/Autocar corporate cab for a number of years and if you know anything about that style of cab you know that they love to rust out right near the top. You can visit the Craigslist add here.

Diamond Reo Giant

Parked next door was this 1988 International S-2600. The Craigstlist add for this truck tells us the asking price is $9,000 despite the window sticker proclaiming $8,500. The truck is already saving you money! Specs for this ‘Binder included a double frame, 20k front axle, 44k rear axle, Hendrickson suspension, 350 small cam Cummins with jake and 15 speed overdrive trans.. The flapper on the stack has me sold.

International S-2600

Some of you might be wondering about the Mack truck that was seen in the 2013 post. Well, it’s for sale as well, click here to visit the ad. Gold Bulldog. Need I say more!

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