Lost and Found – White Road Boss 2

The White Road Boss 2. What a name. It reminds me of action movie sequel. I came across this one two years ago when I was returning from the ATHS Hudson Mohawk truck show in Ballston Spa, NY. I don’t know much about this model but I can tell you that a Cummins lurks under the hoods and the cab is the ever popular White corporate cab. White and later Volvo certainly made their money back on the tooling for this driver cage. Nearly every truck they produced from the late 70’s to early 90’s sported this cab. It doesn’t take much looking to find one on the road today. Sharing a similar cab among many models is nothing new and is an idea that is still very popular with truck manufacturers in our present age.


Most wouldn’t consider this old White much to look at but I think it has plenty of great features like daytons, round fuel tanks, a few different fleet numbers, and vintage paint scheme. How about that bumper up front? Reminds me of one you find on a larger GM trucks like the General or Astro. If you’re an expert please feel free to chime in on the bumper or the Road Boss.

While we’re on the topic here is the original generation Road Boss. As you can see, the old style cab found on so many White and Autocar trucks was still in use. The hood is more straight and flat. The grill does not protrude as it would on the RB2.

This truck was also at the 2012 ATHS Hudson Mohawk show. In fact, there were two Road Boss trucks in attendance. I was looking at some unpublished video footage from the show and almost didn’t catch it. They look very similar at first glance. Please enjoy this “lost” footage.

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  1. Marc Voyer says:

    To add my 2 cents, the Astro bumper was more of a 3 piece unit and had recess for license plate. This generation of cab ,although wider,started in 75 with introduction of the Road Commander 2. Easy to recognise by it’s tapered door. From my observation , the Road Boss 2 share the cab basics with the Road Xpeditor 2. Same width, some dofference on lower part of cab/door due to wheel well on Xpeditor 2. But by looking a firewall on RB2 you can see the same front panel of the Xpeditor2. I created a page on FB about White and Autocar truck from 1975 to 1999. Which covers the “2” generation of those WM products.

  2. Jim Lebow says:

    I’m in the process of gathering any/all info on a 1977 Road Boss 2. It was involved in an accident in Fl. in 06/’81. I have the accident report from that night with the VIN. My problem is decoding it or finding someone who can. It’s a 13 digit VIN. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Jim

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