Rusted Ford Truck

There is just something about an old and rusty truck in the weeds that is mesmerizing. Why is it there? Who did it once belong to? What are the specs? The list of questions can go on for days and more often than not the answers will never be found. Even from the long distance vantage point of this photo you can tell that rust has set in hard on this old Louisville. I would like to think that bump in the hood on the passenger side means there is huuuuuuge power lurking. But then I went back and looked at this L700, still working as of last year, and noticed it has one too….and it’s a gasser! As you can see this old Ford sits in a field with plenty of other relics. Three of which are Brockway dump trucks. Yup, three. More on those later…or maybe not. đŸ˜‰

Ford Louisville Dump Truck

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