Old Dump Trucks

I’ve come across some neat old dump trucks recently that I would like to share. First, Barrett Paving and one of their site trucks that happens to be a Ford L700. It looks good with a full load of stone in the dump bed.

Ford L700 Dump Truck

Maybe that old Ford was a little to mundane for your tastes. If so, what do you think about this Marmom? The large M logo from the hood is gone. Replaced instead with a child’s toy of Bart Simpson sitting on hisĀ famous brown couch. If you can’t read the door logo let me help you. After getting the boring stuff out the way like business name and phone number we come to what I guess is the company tag line that reads “I only come to work to get loaded and take a dump”. You almost have to hire this guy base on his sense of humor alone!

Marmom Dump Truck

I stopped by parents part of town recently and notice a neighbor was receiving a new driveway by Eastern Paving. I figured I would take a look as the trucks were putting out plenty of smoke. Back in the dark days of winter I spied an Eastern truck hauling snow and tried to tag along but was foiled by traffic. For a brief moment I thought I heard the sound of a Detroit Diesel but figured in the year of 2015 with EPA drones constantly searching for violators that scream was pretty much extinct from daily runners. I was wrong. This one was happily buzzing along. I can also tell you this is not the only Eastern truck that is Detroit powered by that is a story for another day. *hint*

Ford L9000

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