Snow Bust

Let’s face it, this year was a bust when it came to snow. It’s a mild disappointment to me but a major upset to those who actually rely on the weather to provide for their families. It always seems to be feast or famine when dealing with mother nature. With thoughts turning to spring it’s time to clear out some old photos.

I saw this truck at the local spring shop getting ready for final delivery. It looks very much like this setup from the City of Watertown, NY. Under body scrapers are not that common around here.

Western Star 4800 Snow Plow

Here is a blast from the past, it’s the former Town of Pompey, NY 1991 Autocar ACL now plowing for private contractor in Massachusetts. I last saw this truck at Teitsworth auction in the spring of 2014 shortly after it was replaced by a Western Star 4800. Thanks for the share Duane!

Autocar ACL Plow

Seen below, Town of Savannah Sterling, short box Western Star 4700, Freightliner 108SD, and that new 4800 for the Town of Spafford back at the dealer already? If for mechanical reasons I blame emissions. Always the emissions.

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