Autocar Mondays – Town of Pompey, NY

By now we should all be familiar with the new Western Star 4800 recently received by the Town of Pompey, NY. After all, this site has contained photos of this truck since it arrived as a bare chassis at Tracey Road Equipment last December. During the many times I photographed the new truck I often wondered about the rig it would be replacing. What make? Was it also a 6×6? All questions I thought would never be answered. Thankfully fate intervened in the form of a the 2014 Palmyra Municipal Equipment Auction.¬†While walking up to a large yellow Autocar ACL I was surprised to see the outline of former lettering that read ‘Pompey’ which immediately lead me to wonder if this was the truck the Star had replaced. Tracey Road Equipment mudflaps and dealer badges sealed the deal in mind.

Retired with 133,000 miles on the odometer the ACL has a Cummins NTC 350 and the standard 8LL transmission. The body and frame looked good. As with the replacement truck a Hi-Way Do-All body was out back on the Autocar. The interior was in decent shape. Anyone know why the transmission temp gauge was mounted to the cab ceiling? It appears to be a factory install. Unfortunately the truck was not running at the time of the auction but I still did a short walk around video.


And once again, everything has been brought full circle. I’ve included two other shots of the new Star as don’t believe they have published on this site before. Exciting!

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  1. Duane Carlisle says:

    no your not full circle !!! the 1991 Autocar was purchased by Duane Carlisle and is back to work in Massachusetts. The truck recieved a new tenco side winder body and a TC-170 transfer case and a new front live steer axle Meritor MX-23-160. not to mention sand blasting and painting. you can see pictures on my face book ! one hell of a truck !!! ps thank you for posting all the info on my Beautiful Autocar !!!

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