A Slow Start

Out with the old. In with the new. This new Western 4800 6×6 is heading for the Town of Spafford, NY. It looks to be ready to go with maybe the exception of lettering. Curiously enough the town recently sold their 1972 Oshkosh P-Series at auction for a price just over 3,000 big ones so it seems to be pretty obvious which truck this Western Star will replace.

Western Star 4800 6x6

Not to be outdone, the Town of Tully is added to their fleet with their own 6×6 truck as well. Both towns reside in the hill country and see their fare share of drifting snow. It hasn’t happened yet but these trucks will receive a work out once winter arrives…next year.


Out west, near Tahoe, things are a little different. Ryan sends us some shots of Caltrans rigs tag teaming a stretch of road. I never tire of seeing the International 2574 model at work. Hopefully for California this is the start of nearly 30 feet of snow they need to begin placing a dent in seriously depleted reservoirs.

IMG_8622 (1024x683)

New Plows


And Working Plows

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