Still Working – Marmon Tow Truck

Will you take a look at this? A Marmon wrecker in the employ of a public transit agency? Someone was spending the big bucks back in the mid 90’s when they bought this truck!

Marmon Tow Truck

I was standing around Friday afternoon watching the demo prep take place for the Hogan Building when out of the corner of my eye, blocks away, I saw the bright orange shape of a tow track passing through an intersection. I figured it was the tow truck for Centro that we’ve seen before but it looked different. It looked cooler. With traffic all sorts of goobered up from emergency road closures I walked a block over to a street I believed the truck would come down enrouteĀ to the Centro maintenance facility. My gut was right, I was shocked to see that it was Marmon! I took this backup shot in case I was truck blocked at the last second by a red light runner or pedestrian. I figure it might be of interest to bus fans.

Centro Bus

And there it goes, leaving just enough smoke to let you know a real truck passed by.

Marmom Truck

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