Still Working – Old Dump Trucks

Old dump trucks coming out of the wood work! They’re everywhere! Just like we saw a short time ago it’s the season for experienced equipment to come out of hiding and help with construction projects in the fleeting days of nice weather. At the Hotel Syracuse renovation I spied this Ford LTL 9000 of ERSI.

Ford LTL9000

Across town, acres of concrete parking lot have been torn up and ground into small chucks for what has been rumored to be a new ready mix or asphalt plant for Riccelli Enterprises. That would be great if true as it would be real nice and easy location for truck watching. Look at the gems it is already producing! This International S-2500 of Greene Excavating is absolutely mint in every way. Paired with that old steel dump body out back and you have a real blast from the past.

International S-2500

Time to revisit and oldie but a goodie in the form of this Diamond-Reo Giant of ProPave. Now in its third showing on Daily Diesel Dose since 2011 this truck is still going strong and appears to be well maintained. My driveway should have been replaced a decade ago and I’m tempted to go with ProPave simply because they run this truck and a LTL 9000.

Diamond Reo Giant

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