Syracuse DPW Visit

Enjoy a selection of fine working trucks courtesy of the Syracuse DPW.  The All-Wheel  drive Autocar is rare truck.  A left over from the days when most of the Syracuse fleet was comprised of A-Cars.  The Ford L-9000 roll-off is another modern classic still working for the tax payers of the city.

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6 Responses to Syracuse DPW Visit

  1. Ryan says:

    Are they still using that Autocar towtruck?? It’s such a beast and I hope Syr DPW never gets rid of it!

    • Eric says:

      Hard to say. I drive by the garage five days a week, twice a day and have yet to see it move. Maybe it will it show up at auction some day? Save your money! 😉

      • Ryan says:

        Get more pics of it if you can!! Once that beast is gone, you’ll never see it again!! No doubt that Acar would make a great lawn ornament.

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