Wintery Mix

Two days ago the weather was perfect for plow spotting but miserable for nearly any other daily activity like driving, walking, and drying laundry on the clothes line. For me the day provided many a great opportunity but sadly I was off my game and made horrible photo/video choices the majority of the time. When I should have been taking photos I was shooting video. When I was shooting video I should have been taking pictures. For example, on the walk to work I heard the rumbling of plow. Turning around I was pleased to find one of the Marmon-Herrington 4×4 trucks for the city. He was still about a block away so I had time to set up the shot. I was going to take just a picture but then I noticed truck 267 coming from a parallel street. Photo or video. Photo or video. I chose video but then cars started to rolling the frame so I switched back to photo. Slow camera response resulted in me not getting much of anything but the video still seen below.

Indecision kills! I continued to stroll around downtown hoping to cross paths with at least the 4×4 (truck 278) again but that was not to be the case. Attempting to guess his route ended in only frustration for me. I would see it passing through intersections that only moments ago I was standing near. Truck 278 has become my white whale. We will meet again. A consolation prize came in the form of this International 2500 for ProScapes salting a private parking lot.

Arriving home for the day I was instantly greeted by the Town of DeWitt and their Freightliner M2 112V. Below is a video still that turned out okay.

I also came across a NYS DOT International 7400(?) and an International 2574 for the Village of East Syracuse with both providing excellent video footage. In case you haven’t figured it out I am in the process of assembling a “supercut” of plow footage from this winter, hence all the video stills. Looking for it to hit YouTube toward the end of March!

Oh, at least I didn’t end up like this guy during my travels!

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