2013 ATHS Hudson Mohawk – Wilma Walter

Over the years of ownership a vehicle can begin to take on its own personality. Nearly every car I have ever known acquired a nickname as time passed. My first ride was a ’85 Pontiac Bonneville that was affectionately called old brown. The red ’93 Jeep Grand Cherokee owned by my parents eventually earned the title Big Red. Granted, neither of these names are terribly creative but they were bestowed when the vehicles reached a stage of high milage and use. I suppose a similar story can be found with the 1971 Walter named Wilma that was at the ATHS Hudson Mohawk show this past weekend.

This Walter spent the majority of its life on a US Air Force base near Newburgh, NY. Equipped with a 28 foot folding plow this truck was used to keep runways clear. To help with this task Wilma Walter was equipped with a blistering top speed of around 48 MPH which makes her something of hot rod when it comes to a rig of this kind.

As with many old trucks the current owner had to spend countless hours and untold amounts of cash to bring the truck back to life. Parts had to be sourced, scavenged or recreated. Rust had to be scraped for paint to be applied. To learn more become friends with the truck on Facebook! Click here.

I would like to take a moment to point out the vehicle that was used to bring this Walter to the show.

Yup, I’m sure that was a comfortable ride! If there was an award for the most effort expended to a get a truck to the show I would nominate the owners of this setup. After hauling this wide load through many small towns and numerous traffic circles their work was not done! The wing still had to be assembled with the help of forklift. Their hard work was apperciated by not only me but by a steady crowd of on lookers and droolers.

Below is a video of the Walter’s arriving, unloading, and moving around the fair grounds. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to 2013 ATHS Hudson Mohawk – Wilma Walter

  1. Grant Roberts says:


    Thank you for the article on my Walter Snow Fighter, it is nice that people appreciate the hard work that goes in to restoring and moving such a large piece of equipment.

    Grant Roberts

    • Jeff says:

      As the president of the Hudson Mohawk Chapter I would like to thank Eric and all the others out there that have taken the time to take great photos and post them to the web and thank Grant and all the others out there who have taken the time to bring all these great pieces to the show. Next year is our 25th anniversary and we hope to do it even bigger and better.

  2. Joe says:

    Great pics Eric and nice job restoring & sharing your Walter with the world of truck nuts Grant. Having driven, wing plowed in and admired Walter’s for many years, I often reflected on the sad reality of how difficult they are to transport to truck shows especially in full plow dress. The fact that you and a few brave others are doing it is wonderful.

    By the way, is this an ACUS model?


  3. Joe says:

    Ooops. I just realized there is a 903 under the hood so it must be a QCUS.

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