ATHS Nutmeg Chapter Truck Show

It’s getting to the point where I can provide good truck show coverage while never leaving the comfort of my own home. Last week the Nutmeg Chapter of the ATHS held their annual truck show at the fairgrounds in Brooklyn, CT. As it happens Zack was passing by through the area and decided to stop for a look. It was late in the afternoon and many of the trucks had already hit the road, typical truck show behavior. 😉

Still, there were more than a few cool trucks to see like this 1929 Mack AB.

1929 Mack AB dump truck

Or this nifty D-Series International pickup.

International D-Series Pickup

Great collection of trucks from old to older, small to large.

It’s no secret that I love capturing the action of a truck show in video format. Thankfully I have a New England counterpart who feels the same way. Check out this video from the aptly named Youtube channel of Trukluver. A few of the trucks seen above make an appearance along with a few others not seen by Zack. My personal favorites are the 40’s Ford (?) with a Cummins and the GM Newlook “fishbowl” bus.

And if the above wasn’t enough check out this Flickr gallery that fills in all the gaps nicely. The single axle Brockway rollback is well worth a look. Thanks to Zack for sharing the photos and getting the ball rolling on this post. Make sure to check out his website to satisfy your inner fire truck fan.

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