Autocar Mondays – Iron Hoss

Now this is how I like my Autocars! Well used! This truck goes by the name Iron Hoss can be found working the scrap yard at Roth Steel in Syracuse, NY. Not too long ago it was parked out by their front gate where I happened to snap this photo. I could only grab one angle of the truck due to scrub brush and a glaring morning sun but it tells the story well enough. We have seen one other Roth Steel yard truck before in the form of a Ford LTS8000. Both trucks appear to be wearing solid rubber tires. Probably a good idea when working around sharp and rusting metal. The ring around the front hubs is new to me. Any ideas?


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2 Responses to Autocar Mondays – Iron Hoss

  1. Dave S. says:

    The ring around the front hub is probably a step for checking under the hood. We have a similar thing on some of our Public Works vehicles.

  2. Brent Edmonson says:

    Yes, the ring is a step. It would also help protect the hubcap as well. They are usually mounted with the hubcap bolts.

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