Carpenter Rigging

As usual, a few classics were on hand at the Tracey Road Equipment open house. How many? At least two. I can tell you for certain that this Hendrickson was one of them.

I’m fairly certain I saw this truck last year at Allied Spring at the start of its restoration process. Back then it was solid blue but now it has been repainted in the livery of Carpenter Rigging, a long time industrial rigging company of the Central New York area. Click here to see one of their Hendrickson delivering the annual Christmas tree to Clinton Square.

Anyway, I don’t believe this is the same truck due to the front hub configuration. My mind is blown that there were at least two Hendrickson trucks in the Syracuse area. The good old days indeed!

Anyway, I guess it might be hanging out at Tracey’s for an eventual display at the Annual Highway Expo slated to occur….today!

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3 Responses to Carpenter Rigging

  1. Matt folsom says:

    Did Hendrickson source the cab from Dodge ???

  2. a.e. burr rigging contractors says:

    for many years hendrickson used the same cab as international and so di fwd and others diamond etc.

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